Top 10 Dwayne Johnson Performances

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean He went from the ring to the silver screen. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Dwayne Johnson Performances. For this list, we’re taking a look at those film and TV performances that show off this actor at his finest and/or most memorable. His appearances in wrestling as entertaining as they are, won’t be included. Special thanks to our user thenightwing82 for submitting the idea at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Dwayne Johnson Performances

He went from the ring to the silver screen. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Dwayne Johnson performances.

For this list, we’re taking a look at those film and TV performances that show off this actor at his finest and/or most memorable. His appearances in wrestling as entertaining as they are, won’t be included.

#10: John Matthews
“Snitch” (2013)

How far would you go to save your son? Kicking off our list is a role that combines two of Dwayne Johnson’s greatest attributes –being an unstoppable badass as well as a kind-hearted father figure. In order to prevent his son from spending years behind bars, John Matthews willingly throws himself into the role of informant after he agrees to go undercover to bring drug dealers to justice. As a tool of the government and in the firing line of a drug kingpin, Dwayne manages to thoughtfully and perfectly convey the drive to protect his son, which is the only thing keeping his character going.

#9: Mathayus
“The Scorpion King” (2002)

We’re not saying that we disliked his appearance in “The Mummy Returns” - it’s just that it was just so brief we never got to really see how much of a beast Dwayne Johnson could be on screen. This was quickly remedied in the spin-off that showed the Scorpion King in all his glory. Thanks to his being an Akkadian in search of vengeance, we’re treated to an epic adventure filled with swords, sand, and a whole lot of fire ants! His role as the titular character is what pretty much turned Johnson from would-be-actor to action-star-heavyweight - and what an introduction to the industry it was!

#8: Sean Porter
“Gridiron Gang” (2006)

Loosely based on real events, this sports flick showed that Dwayne Johnson could do a lot more than just break heads and burst through walls, and that he could actually carry dramas and subjects a little closer to home. A worker at a detention center, Sean Porter decides that the best way to teach the resident delinquents about discipline and maturity is to bring them together as a football team. In a film about second chances and overcoming personal demons, one of its most surprising aspects was just how much heart Johnson could bring to the role.

#7: Beck
“The Rundown” (2003)

So this is a film about The Rock being lost in the jungle, with a screaming Sean William Scott by his side, while he has to take on a slave-driving Christopher Walken? Everyone buckle down for a hilarious time! While it may have done poorly at the box office, “The Rundown” earned Johnson praise as the universally entertaining bounty hunter who, when push came to shove, has to shoot down an entire town filled with goons. It's got action and comedy: 2 things The Rock has become famous for. Welcome to the jungle.

#6: Chief Raymond ‘Ray’ Gaines
“San Andreas” (2015)

Turns out you don’t need superpowers to survive in a city on the brink of destruction – if you’re Dwayne Johnson, all you need is a helicopter and a truck! As an air-rescue pilot, Ray has to contend with quite possibly the worst day in a father’s life in this movie – surviving earthquakes, tsunamis, divorce, and a rebellious daughter. While it’s easy to dismiss the film as another CGI-disaster fest, thanks to Johnson’s constant charisma, and the fact he can parachute into a city in the middle of an earthquake like a boss, it’s not that surprising that “San Andreas” became a sleeper hit in 2015.

#5: Agent 23
“Get Smart” (2008)

There’s always going to be someone better at your job than you, no matter what profession is. And in this action comedy, it just so happens that Dwayne Johnson is pretty much the best spy and field agent to ever exist, which is sort of understandable when Steve Carell’s Max is one of his colleagues. Channelling all the campy glory that the spy genre is known for, “Get Smart” sees Johnson’s Agent 23 stealing almost every scene he is in just for doing the things that everyone wishes they could do. Case in point: if you never wanted to staple a co-worker before, Agent 23 may very likely change your mind…

#4: Hercules
“Hercules” (2014)

Many have taken on the mantle of this mythological hero, but few, if any, fully captured his physique quite like Dwayne Johnson does in the 2014 fantasy adventure flick. Just one look at him and you’re already convinced he’s a demigod. Putting a twist on the classic story, this new “Hercules” uses the tales of his Twelve Labors to convince others that he is the legend, as opposed to an ordinary warrior. While the debate as to whether his roots are divine make up the core of the film, Johnson’s interpretation is still hugely entertaining. And let’s be honest, man or god, you would not want to take a punch from him.

#3: Spencer Strasmore
“Ballers” (2015-)

Stepping away from knocking the crap out of villains and dodging earthquakes, The Rock took on his greatest challenge in this HBO series – finance! As retired NFL player Spencer Strasmore, Johnson’s character swaps football for a cell phone, but he still has to deal with arrogant, young football players. Regarded as the highlight of what has been called the “NFL version of Entourage,” Johnson has proven with “Ballers” that, whatever the size of the screen, he has no problem charming the pants off audiences! The fact that a 2nd season was announced less than halfway through the first season proves this.

#2: Paul Doyle
“Pain & Gain” (2013)

We’re pretty sure Dwayne Johnson is one of the few people who could make a former convict with a cocaine addiction that has turned to Christianity both sympathetic and hilarious! With nothing but a desire to get his fair share of the American Dream, Paul Doyle (along with some equally buff gym buddies) embarks on a journey filled with excess, taboo, and murder, which ultimately ends in their incarceration. The group may be selfish and morally rotten, but they’re just so damn likable! And this is mostly due to Doyle’s conflict between following his faith and embracing incredible wealth that’s complete with plenty of strippers.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Elliot Wilhelm
“Be Cool” (2005)

James Cullen / Driver
“Faster” (2010)

Detective Christopher Danson
“The Other Guys” (2010)

Christopher ‘Chris’ Vaughn, Jr.
“Walking Tall” (2004)

Marvin F. Hinton / Roadblock
“G.I. Joe Retaliation” (2013)

#1: Luke Hobbs
“The Fast and the Furious” franchise (2011-)

This series of high-octane action films filled with fistfights and car chases galore was admittedly in danger of going off road after several sequels. But then came “Fast Five” and the introduction of Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs, a Diplomatic Security Service agent and a man who could quite literally toss the series’ main character around the room – thereby squarely placing himself as the new resident badass on the block. He not only breathed life back into the franchise, but gave us a character that we look forward to seeing again as much as – and for some, more so - than Dominic Toretto. Badass does not even begin to cover it.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Dwayne Johnson role? For more entertaining top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to!

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