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JRMojo producers, hosts, writersMontreal, QC WatchMojo's core audience are men 16-34. In 2016 we launched MsMojo to serve the female demo. Our next channel is (tentatively called) JrMojo and will focus on creating informative and entertaining programming to children under 12. We are now looking for creative producers, hosts, writers etc. to produce various forms of programming, across multiple genres and formats. +

Television ProducerMontreal, QC WatchMojo is looking for a creative & business dealmaker executive to serve as Producer and further develop its new Television and Movie initiatives, to
1) adapt our existing factual programming genre for television and OTT partner and clients
2) develop and sell scripted and unscripted entertainment according to our audience's interests and client/partner needs.
The ideal candidate has experience in i) raising funding from private and public sources, ii) line producing, and) iii) navigating through the tax credit and subsidy landscape.
WatchMojo is represented by William Morris Endeavor in 2015.

ScreenwritersMontreal, QC As the company celebrates its ten-year anniversary, it is now expanding into scripted entertainment, including but not limited to sitcoms, dramas, and feature films.
As such, during phase 1, we are looking for screenwriters, writers and story editors to develop various concepts we have in early development.
If you are interested, please submit your candidacy, with resumes and pertinent spec scripts of existing series that demonstrate strengths in your preferred genre, as well as compensation info. NOTE: we will not be accepting or reading original pieces.

InternMontreal, QC We are currently looking for a summer intern in our Content Production department to assist with various team members' needs. The ideal candidate will also be interested in pop culture, movies, music, television, history and lifestyle matters. You may also possibly be asked to assist on our new channel MsMojo. +

Researcher, full-time (Production)Montreal, QC Research topics, fact-check and proof-read scripts, support fellow writers and video editors' needs. Your job will be split up between researching the topic that will serve as the voice-over text in our videos as well as identifying the video footage to accompany our videos. +

Writer & Researcher, freelance part-time (Production)Anywhere Work with our team to take assigned topics and write scripts that will serve as our voice-over text. +

Video Editor, freelance part-time and/or full-time possibly (Production)Montreal, QC As an editor, you will be responsible for transforming scripted content into dynamic and entertaining videos, while keeping a tone consistent with the rest of WatchMojo's productions. A strong knowledge of current events in pop culture with an emphasis on Film, Television, Videogames, History and Music will be viewed as an asset.

- Strong working knowledge of Final Cut Pro X.
- You have your own editing hardware and software (Final Cut Pro 7 version 10.1.1.)


Editor/PublisherMontreal, QC WatchMojo is now launching WM Publishing, focused initially on eBooks and other digital products (including digital magazines, possibly).
We will do so by:
1) leveraging the 100+ freelance writers we work with and developing a pipeline of new fiction and non-fiction titles.
2) seeking submissions by young writers that would appeal to our audiences by promoting WMP as a new independent publisher already reaching 40 million consumers globally on multiple platforms including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN, Aol, Verizon, Amazon, etc.
3) developing concepts that would adapt our catalogue of thousands of Top 10, Biography, Profile video scripts into entertaining factual eBooks.

As dozens of academic publishers use our informative and entertaining content in their K12 and ESL programs, there is an opportunity to develop both fiction and non-fiction, pop culture and educational titles, etc.

As such, we are looking for an experienced, creative, entrepreneurial editor to partner with on these projects.

The ideal candidate will:
- Have experience in arts/pop culture journalism and publishing, and especially in creating and laying out eBooks and/or digital magazines.
- Have the ability to work independently and meet project deadlines
- Have an understanding and ability of research methods, as we're essentially launching a new division within an existing media company and releasing new products
- Be tech-savvy with a grasp of evolving business models and technical opportunities
- Be knowledgeable of pop culture in general
- Work with WatchMojo's editorial staff to articulate a vision for the project(s), then lend their creativity and knowledge to help guide
- Be familiar with WatchMojo's content
- Be based in Montreal, QC



Account Manager (Digital Online Video)California, USA WatchMojo is looking for an online digital video account manager . The ideal candidate will be very knowledgeable in the field of online media with a focus of online video, familiarity with branded content campaigns and the Youtube landscape is a plus but not required. The candidate should be comfortable with being the day to day contact between WatchMojo and our agency/client partners. Sending daily/weekly reports, ensuring branded content deals stay on schedule and the occasional in office visit. He or she will be expected to work independently out of a remote/home office, under occasional tight deadlines and be adaptable and flexible with last minute requests and projects.

Additionally the candidate will be responsible for projects and communications between the studio Team, creative team, editorial team and the sales team, helping out with sales collateral and new sponsorship/branded offerings. The ideal candidate also will have an interest in growing into a Director of Sales role, in as little as 3 month to 6 months after their start date. The role will require some travel within the west coast, likely one to two days a month, and a two to three day internal staff meeting in NYC or Montreal two to three times a year. .

Financial Manager, full-time (Administration)Montreal, QC As financial manager, you will oversee all day-to-day activities covering accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, bank deposits, contract management etc. You should have some experience in the field and possess a business education with concentration in accounting or finance preferably. +

All jobs are based in Montreal, QC, apart from the Freelance Writer positions which are open to anyone globally, or where mentioned.
For any position, please submit your resume and salary expectations to, with the job position as the subject line

ABOUT WatchMojo

We produce Top 10 lists as well as Versus, Biographies and Profiles on the People, Places and Things that shape pop culture.

Launched in 2006, WatchMojo informs and entertains through video. Its top 10 countdown lists on pop culture and infotainment have proven wildly popular. Our 12 million subscribers generate 1.7 billion minutes of watch time while watching close to 300 million videos each month.

In 2011, Digiday named WatchMojo a finalist for the Best Video Entertainment Destination; in 2012, Marketing magazine considered WatchMojo a "company to watch out for," and in 2015, Ernst & Young awarded WatchMojo the top award in the Media & Entertainment category.

As of June 2016, we operate the 10th largest YouTube channel of all time.